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  • 韩流攻略
  • 韩国节日

Daegu International Marathon


Date : 2015.04.05(Sun.) 08:00~12:30

Location : Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park
Organizer / Supervisor : Daegu Metropolitan City, The Korea Athletics Federation / The Athletic Association of Daegu Metropolitan City, The Daegu Athletics Federation
Additional information : 053-355-3872]

Marathon types
Elite full course / Master’s full course(Sub-3), Half course, 10km, Running for health
※ For those who apply for the Master’s full course(Sub-3), it is necessary to send a record within 3 years by e-mail or fax after application.
Those whose records are not identified by the secretariat cannot participate in the full course(Sub-3).

Main events 

: An event before the competition, an opening ceremony