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CL of 2NE1 ranked #2 on the ‘Time 100 poll’

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2015-05-08 14:04:05



Photo Credit: Sport Chosun


The magazine ‘Time’ just released that CL of girl group 2NE1 ranked #2 on the ‘Time 100 poll,’ which is a poll to list 100 most influential people in the world annually. ‘Time’ will release the rest of the list on April 16. CL will make her solo debut in the United States with Scooter Brown, who is best-known for the producer of Justin Bieber and Psy.  Since most the readers of the magazine ‘Time’ live in the U.S., the ‘Time 100 Poll’ proved the popularity of CL in the States. Meanwhile, Vladmir Putin placed on the top of the list with 6.95% of votes.’s Emily You ( contributed to this report from Seoul. 

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