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Record your video messages to support 'Winter YOG Gangwon 2024'



The 4th Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 which is also the first Winter YOG to be held in Asia will be held in Gangwon province in the cities of Pyeongchang and Gangneung in Korea.


One of the Korea's broadcasting station SBS, is currently producing a special program to support the Games. Former Figure skating athlete Kim Yuna will do the narration for the documentary​. Korea's representative idol stars will make 4 MVs at the cities for upcoming Games.​ The program is now inviting youth around the globe to record their supportive video messages which will be used at the ending. 


Please refer to the detailed information below if you are interested.


Video requirement

Orientation : Vertical 

Quality : 1080HD/30fps

Length : 15s



1) Write 'GANGWON 2024' on a sketchbook or a paper and hold it through out the whole video.

2) Introduce yourself with your name, your country and city that you are living in.

eg: 'Hello. I am Peter from US, living in New York.'

3) Record your supportive message to 4th Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 or the current COVID-19 pandemic.

eg: 'Winter Youth Olympics Gangwon 2024​ Fighting. 'We will meet again.', 'Cheer for your dream.' etc.


Please save your video file as (GANGWON 2024) Country_Name, eg : (GANGWON 2024) US_Peter

※Please use your first language to record the video.

​Participants are recommended to record outside under background that best represents your country​.  


Deadline : 02/15 (TUE) 2400 (KST)


Submission method : Through E-mail (​ 

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