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Here is the ‘Moment with Kim Woo Bin’ You Missed in Jakarta



Rows and rows of – mostly – females have waited patiently at Kota Kasablanka Mall on 14 March 2015 to spend a special evening at ‘The Moment with Kim Woo Bin in Jakarta‘ – the first Asia fanmeeting tour of the Korean actor Kim Woo Bin. But even to a surprise, we spotted male fans around and one of them has been lucky enough to be in a picture with the actor! His popularity is undeniable despite the actor’s first time in Indonesia. Through the smash teenage drama hit ‘Heirs’from SBS Channel, the actor’s antagonist role has won hearts of many with his masculine and unique visuals, along with cute scenes you can’t resist.

Opening his fanmeet with a song  he sang on stage with a pale pink tuxedo and white shirt, highlighting his tall figure, like prince charming. The whole room couldn’t resist his charm as he came out walking, and then greeting: “Selamat malam, Indonesia,” (Good evening, Indonesia). 





Two hours of fun was promised with the actor – from Q&A sessions, his career retrospective and to bring on the interactive session where all Wooribins on the floor have a chance to be picked from the lucky dip to enjoycoffee made by Woo Bin himself, reenacting his iconic drama scenes, and making some wishes come true from the wish board (image above)! A lot of fans have posted their wishes and Woo Bin himself handpicked 5 colorful post-its to be read aloud. A few wished to have “a selfie taken together” – and he made it happen.

Drama scenes reenactment caused a crazy stir among the crowd – but it did not stop Woo Bin’s composure to be calm and ever-poised at the same time. So of course, there are a lot of lucky fans to have received a hug and being called by their name, one by one, from the simple man! How dashing can he be?

All great things must come to an end, but we’re absolutely sure that with everybody’s warm welcome to the country, which Woo Bin is truly thankful for, he will return once again to greet his current and future fans from his upcoming movie to be released, ‘Twenty‘. The fanmeet ended with lifted spirits and happiness and a picture taken together from the stage! 


Reported by @Rice in Indonesia. With special thanks to Enstar Entertainment and iHQ for the invitation.



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