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Kim Hyun Joong Concluded Music of Korea Season 1 & Other Side Story



Singer Actor Kpop hallyu superstar Kim Hyun Joong concluded his Music of Korea -Season 1 (unplugged)  last night on his official Youtube channel at kimhyunjoong606     There are several songs that are included in season 1 namely;   A Bell of Blessing, Oasis, I’m a Million, Pure Love, What are we fighting for, This is Love, You are a Miracle, and Green Light.  

The songs are all good , new music and full of love ,hope , courage , patience and a touch of sadness. His eyes are sad but his voice is music to the soul. His body language showed how he worked hard for all of these songs.




Each song has full meaning, The song Pure Love and You are a Miracle moves me to tears it has deep meaning for love and how to be strong.   There’s a practical reason for the style of each song. It’s for easy cross referencing and filing. 

In my own perspective Kim Hyun Joong songs , in Music in Korea allows himself to communicate to his fans who were with him at his best and as much at his worst, through these songs he allowed to clarify what is inside his heart. It’s like a process of purification.  He inspires me a lot because his songs have deep meaning. Many of his fans called him an angel who gives joy to them but he is also a Korean writing instrument through his songs that can inspire many hearts.

I am happy when people tell me that my writings touch and inspire them, but I tell you it is Kim Hyun Joong’s inspiration that I can write nice words and fairly. Being tame for my emotions came from him; he never fought back from all of the attack. He is very well mannered educated and very intelligent.  

I loved how he valued his fans and how he put them above his interests. And how he faced the adversity and challenges in his  life. I admired the goodness of his heart.

Kim Hyun Joong announced that Music in Korea will have his Season 2 this coming April 16! He asked for lots of love and support!

He also revealed during his guesting last Jan 4  at KBS - Joy ‘Ask Us Anything' that he was offered to do an independent film for Indian Pink , he said that at first he rejected it but  the director insisted that he accept the role because it fits him. So he accepted it thinking that this might be the last chance he can get for his acting career .. He said he tried his best during the filming. He received an award at the American Independent film festival for his acting, but he said he was sad that nobody recognized it.  At the end of the show he stated that he was still curing himself and finding ways to cure his heart. 


The season 1 break will give him a lot of time to think about new songs for his fans, to think about his life and how he can be a better person for himself,  to his family and to his fans.​ I am sure enough that he can overcome all the heartaches inside him because of the many fans who loves him. The eagle is still flying and will always be flying high!


Good wishes are all for you, have life filled with joy and success!

Fighting Kim Hyun Joong nim!

Written by : gi kim tan


photos by Kim Hyun Joong IG account




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