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Kim Hyun Joong TV comeback Appearance on a Variety show at KBS 'Joy Ask Me Anything' on Jan 4th



Hallyu Superstar, Kim Hyun Joong nim, finally appearing  again on a small screen after a long time.  The teaser "Joy Ask  Me Anything" dropped  a bomb in releasing the trailer on Dec 29th,  showing the Kim Hyun Joong as a guest on their  Jan 4th , 2021 their first episode in 2021 and it gathered so much attention , love and support from fans all over the world.   The host's Seo Jang Hoon plays the role of a fortune teller and Less Su Geun as the child monk, who can give solutions to people solve their problems .From the trailer the variety's show host Lee Soo Geun asked Kim Hyun Joong , " Now that you have been on break for so long what kind of things in doubts for returning to the industry?  "


Kim Hyun Joong with all sincerity answered  " I am naturally optimistic  person , but these days it seems  that I am becoming less happy" and became more aware when outside that people used to stare at him and becoming uncomfortable.  The host's Geun nim said " Hyun joong ssi maybe because of the long break you missed some happy activities in the industry.


He was asked also when he can resume , he replied " I can't tell you when but I am going to start again very soon". 


He looks good seeing him on TV screen again!


Finally tomorrow fans can watch the whole episode at 8pm KST  Jan 4th,2 021 Don't forget to tune in!


You can catch him on his OFFICIAL social media account at 

Youtube account :  kimhyunjoong606

Instagram : hyunjoong860606  (with blue mark)

TW @khj_heneciatwt

official website :

weibo account - hyunjoongk


Recently he is promoting his new single Music in Korea, where you can watch it on his official YT account


Lastly, have been reading about the issue of phishing using the name of Kim Hyun Joong for some solicitation of financial assistance.  the official statement " denied all these illegal phishing and firmly assured  Kim Hyun Joong does not have any other personal SNS accounts to do this illegal doings, The company assured fans that they are in close monitoring these illegal accounts activities through self monitoring and  from fans report to take all possible Legal actions. All fans are requesting to cooperate and report these illegal activities.




We wish Kim Hyun Joong nim a better year and in the years to come! Congratulations for coming back to the industry! Cheers!


written by gikimtan