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Kim Hyun Joong - Online Concert " A Bell of Blessing" Moved on Oct 17, 2020 > SPECIAL

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Kim Hyun Joong - Online Concert " A Bell of Blessing" Moved on Oct 17, 2020



"A Bell of Blessing 2020 KIMHYUNJOONG" has been postponed to

OCT. 17. 2020. SATURDAY. 10PM KST For more information, go to the website



This online concert is his comeback after a long time due to concern about the traffic accidents in the performance system, it has been decided to postponed it on October 17. Kim Hyun Joong decided to change it to Interpark'.  This is the first concert that Kim Hyun Joong will be meeting his fans worldwide in about 100 countries.  He really wanted to give his best performance . So it is the best decision to postponed it to better network. They ask for understanding and generous support to Hyun Joong ssi.  This will be 100 minutes performance with fans interactions.


Furthermore  from the Henecia offical  page , Hyun Joong ssi is recruiting 200 fans who have bought tickets for the concert for one-on-one fanmeet. Photos shows how to participate




This is another chance to see Kim Hyun Joong perform.  How wonderful to hear his voice like a Bell quality. His voice is crisp and refreshing. if you hear it ,it seems that you are in the mountain stream. weather it is acoustic, ballad , or rock song, Kim Hyun Joong's stillness moves everybody's heart. As time goes by, He doesn't have to fear losing his popularity because his talents in music will transport him to musical greatness. I know this will be great concert I myself bought the tickets and shall patiently waiting on Oct 17.  He is well known in Korea as a musician he started as the leader of SS501, and his korean fans will always remember that,  He never hidden his ambitions from his fans. Without a doubt his music played a significant role in his life and to his fans.. This concert must be full of his music, fun and excitement.  His fans must be excited to see how incredibly handsome he is even if on screen only. But  I can attest to that!  I saw him many times in his concerts. His angelic face will surely mesmerize all of his fans worldwide. I know the effort he has put in his work for his fans so  this online concert must be worth waiting for.


At this point I would like to say that at the time I first saw him at the Music core, until now I am still happy that Kim Hyun Joong has broken from the mold and destroyed the past that  kept him from growing. As in all artists  who have withstood the test of time, Kim Hyun Joong has reinvented himself from his 20's to 30s I witnessed him rise and soar and become an artist of great achievement and value of true artist!.


We wish him all the best! 


written for korea.com's - gikimtan

photos by Henecia official page







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