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Meet the new F4 Leader : Bright Vachirawit in Boys Over Flower Remake: Lee Min Ho and Bright side by side story


Talented and Global  superstar , Thai-American, Bright Vachirawit will be doing the remake of Tv hit Korea Boys Over Flower after 12 years. He will be portraying the role of Thyme equivalent to the role of  Hallyu star Lee Min Ho  “ Gu Jun Pyo”  the leader of F4 at Shinwa Highschool.  On September 16,2009 GMMTV released a teaser to confirm the remake of Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers the F4 Thailand .  The F4 legend leader was adapted in Taiwan, played by Jerry Yan and in China by Dylan Wang, in Korea by Lee Min Ho.  GmmTv confirmed through the teaser the youngest and new F4 leader will be Bright Vachirawit, as Thyme.  This will be shown sometime n 2021.


Mint Thailand released promotional photos of Bright Vachirawit and other fresh faces to complete the F4  they are Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, Jirawat Sutivanisak, & Hirunkit Changkham 



Bright is a famous global star in Thailand Born on December 27, 1997. His full name is  Vachirawit Chivaaree , nickname : Bright.  A Thai- American and Chinese descent, which brought him to international prominence .  Competition for the lead role is not that easy because the past three F4 leader are all great  actors who are really good in acting and can attract  tons of cheering fans. But Bright  was able to label himself side to side with these other great actors, From acting experience for the past 5 years. The producer of the show gave him the trust to have this role.   Aside from the TV series he made, Bright  also gained many endorsements from Thailand and released recently a single “With Smile a filipino song remake.  He also spread his wings worldwide across Asia. Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand, and some parts of Europe and USA. Being born  on Dec 27, 1997, Under the year  of Ox, the Oxen has the capability  of being a loving and faithful person   symbolizing diligence, persistence and honesty. Always glad to offer help. An industrious person, so I must say he is at the right track of success.

 Lee Min Ho rose  in popularity in Korea and throughout Asia.after doing the Boys over Flower tv drama . His role won him as Best New Actor At the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. After this series he made several TV series, such Personal Taste in 2010 , City Hunter 2011, The Heirs 2013, Legend of the Blue sea 2016, The King of the Eternal Monarch 2020. 

The success of Lee Min Ho ssi established him as a Hallyu star and global star celebrity..  He is also the first Korean celebrity to have a wax figure made by famous Madame Tussauds, shown first in Shanghai in 2013. And Hongkong in 2014.

He just finished his military mandatory training begun in May 2017 at Gangnam District  Office as Public Service Officer. Lee was unable to serve as an active soldier due to his car accident and suffered a lot from injury while filming City Hunter. He was discharged in April 2019


Two bright stars shining on their own!



To Bright the newest and youngest new leader of phenomenon F4 the expectations are high up, but what matter most is that he has gone a long way , he is good person and good son, I see the new F4 leader with full of artistic control of his career from the songs he sang to the scripts for his drama. He has achieved fame and fortune, he did what a dutiful son would be. . Meeting him and getting to know him is such a challenging and exciting thing . It is a good sign  that he’s starting to get the attention from his peers , and the  Koreans entertainment industry , and his BrightKorea fanclub increasing the members everyday.  His IG followers reached 5.6M and tweeter 2M .


Let us wish Bright all the best!  as bright as diamond he is a priceless gem, Getting to know him everyday and wait until the camera roll for ‘Thyme”.  Congratulations!


written by:'s gikimtan

photo below by gmmtv Thailand




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