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Lee Min Ho's Minoz Peru Fan Club Big Projects to Celebrate His 10th Year Career and 34th Birthday


Veronica’s a Minoz Peru Fanclub representative discussed with me the projects that they had for Lee Min Ho ssi to celebrate his 10th year anniversary in career and his birthday.

Firstly, on his 34th birthday they made a congratulatory and birthday greetings video for him, which was published in thier social media accounts.


Secondly, they name it “Planting a Tree, planting Life” because 60% of Peru is covered by the Amazon jungle and so they thought of this project that will help the Jaguars and hundreds of other species living in the protected area.  This project will consist of 180 trees planted in the Amazon Forest of Peru to reforest the Peruvian amazon.


Third, the EMERGENCY Kit project to be presented to UNICEF on behalf of the Lee Min Ho name.


Veronica of the Minoz Peru, said that they have joined the Latin America fan club who invited them to donate a large amount to the Leonardo Di Caprio’s foundation in the name of Lee Min Ho. For the issue of forest fires.  Veronica declares to the La Republican showing pride in knowing that the money she/they invested is for a good cause.

I’m sure Lee Min Ho must be happy to read and know all of their projects made by his Peruvian Fans on his behalf. 


And to think of how much a fan can cause this project for their beloved Lee Min Ho, but they said It is not the money that they would spend for each project but the happiness that they could get from all of these projects. The happiness of helping others and its environment and most of all they do it with much happiness that they could give to Lee Min Ho.


Thank you, Veronica, for trusting us and giving us the details of your vulnerable projects for Lee Min Ho I’m sure he is much delighted upon learning this.  This great projects and interview with Veronica was also published in Peruvian newspaper in Spanish.



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