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Kim Hyun Joong Gave First Aid and Save a Life of the Unconscious Restaurant Chef




A Japanese restaurant  crews started to scream when one their staff collapsed while on duty.The owner of the restaurant and other staffs were in panicked and suddenly a man with a black hat came in checked the body raised his head and immediately secured the airway and pulled the button on his top,and told the staffs around the area to call 911. . The owner of the restaurant continued and said the man on a black cap continuously rubbed and massage the chest of his collapsed chef  where he couldn't even open his mouth due to his stiff body. until the 911 came over. 


It took about 9 minutes  to help the store staff regain consciousness , he said the man in black cap  constantly talking to the unconscious staff . He didn't realize  the man who helped his  staff came to the rescue   is a celebrity. And he confirmed that this man who helped his staff while waiting for the 911 was Kim Hyun Joong of , the leader of the SS501 Kpop band and popularly known as the second lead actor of the hit Boys Over flower.  


Truly  a random act of kindness is in his heart.   Kim Hyun Joong is a man with a golden heart.!


He will be having an online concert on October 3, 2020.   and meet his fans for 100 minutes virtual concert.  For the global fans they can start purchasing the online tickets on Sept 4, 2020.  The details are posted on his FB official fan page at @Kim Hyun Joong 


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