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Recruitment of administrators for BTS fanbase on MOMO Board


Recruitment of administrators for BTS fanbase 


Recruitment period: 06/12~

Region: Those who are residing in the US

Requirement: Those who are devoted to BTS and willing to sacrifice their personal time to operate the board

Language requirement: English (Korean is not a must but it will be an advantage)

Number of administrators: 4~5 (1 Main Administrator, 3~4 Sub-administrators)

Interested ARMY please send your name, region, contact information, position wanted (member’s name), current job, available time, Korean level(if any) and a self-introduction (no more than 200 words) to



What is MOMO Board?
MOMO Board is a community message board platform and help members interact with each other easily. More information about MOMO Board can be found at

Are you connected with Big Hit Entertainment?
We are not affiliated to nor are we connected to Big Hit Entertainment and BTS.

Q. What do I need to do as an administrator? 
Basically, the most important duty of an administrator is to do with the daily operations of the board including updates, and check if there is any inappropriate contents (for example, sexual contents, foul languages or hate comments etc.) appearing on the board. If there is any concerns or complaints from board members, administrators have the rights to handle them without permission.

Is it a paid position?
A. This is a voluntary position without pay.

Q. How long does the administrator position last? 

A. Basically an administrator can work as long as he/she wants unless he/she violates the regulations that an administrator shall follow. If an administrator needs to quit the post due to personal issues, please notice us beforehand so as to find others to take over your position.