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Jung Hae In - Soaring Stardom and The Most Popular Actor 54th Baeksang Arts Award 2018

K-Star Jung Hae-In  , is the "The Most Popular Actor"  from the 54th Baeksang Arts Award 2018.  His soaring stardom came after the success of the TV series, "Something in the Rain"  Jung Hae-in,  recently risen  to quick stardom after his role in the Korean title translates more directly as, Pretty Noona Who Buy Me Food"
In this romance drama, Jung plays Seo Joon-hee, a game designer and fell in love to a girl older than him. His appearances on the other drama series ,Bride of the Century in 2014  The Goblin and While You were sleeping helped him a lot to have a steady popularity . It also gave the actor the opportunity to experiment with the role on various emotional levels, portraying a character who is from cute to romantic. 


He is also now popular for some product endorsements from different company and the most recent is the Dior Endorsement.  He also receives some TV variety shows offer  but for now he wants to focus on his acting skills rather than in variety show hosting.    He is currently working over a role in new romance "Music Album" (working title).  


His soaring stardom even reaches  outside Korea. Recently he had his first Fan meet in the Philippines, and Thailand  last June , 2018 and July in Kyung Hee University Seoul , Korea.  His Fanmeet called " Smile Fanmeeting" definitely gave a big smile for all of his fans on these three countries and other parts of the world.  His message to his fans was so touching in every heart fans, he said that " He will keep the photos of his captured moment with them and keep the big smile of every fans faceon his heart. It was indeed a memorable moment to remember.


He said that he will returned his fans love and support by giving his best the way he can.  




We wish him all the best! fighting!

Credit photo above  by Jung Hae In Smile Fan Meeting in Bangkok. 


written for Korea.com's ~ gikimtan



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