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Tul Pakorn and Max Nattapol ~ Shining Through



Tul Pakorn and Max Nattapol or known for max, and tul ,  started to shine when they did the TV hit "Bad Romance," in 2016 and "Together with me" 2017  Following them for few months, I have discovered the  star power shined within them. Although two different personalities but they have a common denominator, the star power. 


Tul, an Architect by profession and  as a full pledge buddhist, just finish his two weeks monk hood life. Going out of his comfort zone, is a sign of humility and showing something beautiful inside of him., making an inspiration to others.,during his life as a monk, Tul had taken a breather  from his career ,  sacrifice the vicarious life he has, and chosen to live as a low profile monk and this makes me admired him most.  He is also a singer he can sing so well I witnessed it during his fanmeet in Manila, Philippines recently.  He can sing also in English and Korean songs, He can also speak in Chinese Fluently he can speak in english and can communicate so well . .He can also play traditional instrument , saxafone, flute, piano. But on top of this talent, Tul maintain to be simple ad humble despite of his popularity,  He can act well despite of his  shy personality, he can captured many hearts to adore and love him. he is now popular  in Some parts of the world, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan and other parts of the latin america's city, and now in Korea.


The koreans have mesmerized of his smile and good acting in Bad romance and recently in "Together with Me" and this brought me here to write about them.  I was with them in Manila to watch the fanmeet. As we watched Tul and Max  joining in the fun and games with their fans , they were the life of the games in the  fanmeet ,though tired, they gave their best to brighten the atmosphere, True to f they never failed in this regard . That afternoon was a lot of fun and was all worth watching the two of them together. 


Max Nattapol is graduated in Business administration, simple , homebody and with hilarious personality, he very charming , But when it comes to acting , seriously he can act so well and adopt effectively the role he is portraying.  He recently portrayed a bad guy in tv series Sapaikapak, this time he is not team up with Tul, but with a girl, he is effective too playing the bad guy , his sweet face can turned into a bad and naughty Max.  His  pretty face is much similar to most of the kpop group with handsome and pretty face and perfect to admire .Max Not only a pretty face but he can also sing and speak in English fluently.  His good acting ability will surely bring him to the international stardom. 


Later this year a new tv series is set for all of their  fans worldwide. It will be a new concept this time. It will start shooting in May ,(if no  changes later), it will be called Together with Me season 2, next chapter.  It seems that their role this time is little bit more of a matured.Their challenges in life are also leveled up.  Both raised by good parents with humble beginnings, will surely guide them with all their dealings.


 I may self witnessed  their gratitude and sincerity to their fans. The passion is within themselves the smiles and happiness during the fanmeet on their face made me shamelessly  scream like crazy, and made me young again I was too close with them and had the chance to have photo opt to both of them. Two different personalities but have the same heart beautiful inside and out, both good actors and very kind to fans and  both  have the stardom power. In times they will go solo the fans will surely support each of them on their own career but for the meantime let the love struck by the fans be the flow in the air. enjoy life of being together, both of you are young  enjoy together while you can. You only young once and once the rose has wilted you can no longer back it to bloom.  Enjoy your life and the stardom together with your fans. 


We wish them both all the best to come and may they continue to shine as one of the brightest star in the world for a long time! 


writing for korea.com ~ gikimtan  

credit photo:  cuban-american photographer  from fanmeet organizer;  ​blfunmeet 


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