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GUGUDAN brought fans into a Wonderland at first Singapore fanmeet


Rising K-Pop girl group Gugudan held their first ever fan meet in Singapore on 27 September organized by fan-initiated concert start-up, MyMusicTaste. This would be the second event organized by the crowd-sourcing company after the successful completion of boy group ASTRO's showcase that was highly requested previously.


Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina, former members of IOI, together with their other members (Hana, Mimi, Nayoung, Haebin, Soyee, Sally and Hyeyeon) took the stage with aplomb and showed that they were no rookies with their cute and powerful performances, showcasing each member’s individual charms and talents.




Kicking off the show with their debut song 'Wonderland', Dan-jjaks (official fanclub name) belted out fan chants and were treated to popular tracks from Gugudan’s Act 1 and Act 2 mini albums. Highlight performances that garnered a hot response included Sejeong singing a verse from her solo track ‘Flower Road’ as well as sub-unit Gugudan 5959 (consisting youngest members Mina and Hyeyeon) doing a teaser from their song ‘Ice Chu’.




During the interview and game segments, the 9 beautiful girls got the crowd laughing non-stop with their variety skills. One of the main games had Sejeong as the emcee and the remaining 8 members pairing up and playing a telepathy game. Each pair (with back facing each other) would do a pose to represent the given word. Mina and Hyeyeon stunned the crowd and their members by doing the correct pose all five times to win the game which rewarded them with cute badges to be used in the following activity. In the next segment, each pair had to design a plain white tee using fabric markers and the badges that they had won. Mimi and Hana showed off their fashion sense by cutting the tee into a cropped top while signing their autographs on the back.


When it was time to announce the winning pair, mischievous Sejeong decided to rank the unnie team last as she wanted to persuade Mimi or Hana to wear their self-designed cropped top. However, the plot twist was that Sejeong ended up in her own trap when the fans screamed her name instead, leaving with her with no choice but to model the cropped top.





Sadly, as with every concert, the fans were disappointed when the show was coming to an end but Gugudan with their endearing charms, provided as much fan service as they could with the fans - throwing autographed balls into the crowd and even taking exclusive selfies with fans' phones. It was certainly a night to remember for all the fans present as they dived into Wonderland. Holding onto the hope of seeing the girl group again, Gugudan promised that they will come back with an ever bigger stage and more performances.


GUGUDAN Live Show in Singapore 2017 was organised by MyMusicTaste​. To catch your favourite artistes and groups in Singapore (or in your city), drop a request and let your voices be heard by MyMusicTaste!

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