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INTERVIEW: Get to Know Lie Bun, JFW Model Search 2017’s Finalists from Indonesia in Korea




The competition is officially on! From the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) Model Search 2017, 5 male and female finalists are chosen compete at the  Asia Model Festival 2017 in Janghung Arena, Seoul, South Korea right now. 

Out of the 5 males, a face that we can instantly recognize his potential as a face that can surely win hearts of many from the South Korean audience is Lie Buntaran, 23, or known as ‘Lie Bun’. He is currently signed under Jim Models, a modelling agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently in Seoul with the rest of the finalists, here is's exclusive interview snippet with this male finalist that looks similar to Kim Woo Bin


What's your motivation to join this competition?
To be exact, I would like to go international and bring Indonesia's name to a global stage.

A post shared by Lie Bun (@lie_buntaran) on Jun 19, 2017 at 6:26pm PDT

And you'd like to do it through modelling?
Yes. So as a start, my mother is actually a model at her time, and I'd like to continue her works and 'craft' as a model.

How do you feel as you have been chosen as the finalists to compete in South Korea?

I'm truly very excited! Also, I'm very proud of myself that I can be a representative from Indonesia to the Asia Model Contest.

Tell us your story - how did you end up being a model?
So the story is that when I was younger I wasn't keen on doing this as a career, or it didn't really appeal to me. I only know the job of being a model from my mom, but that was about it. Then, my dad opened a Fitness Center where I also helped his business. While I was helping, my dad's friend, a long time member brought her daughter to the gym, and she later remarked to me, "Hey, you're tall and handsome, why don't you try to become a model?"
 A friend of mine have offered before in the past, which I declined. But after getting more support from my parents and the people around me, I thought, "well, why not?"
I then began my career thanks to her, and thus along the road, I have found the balance to enjoy this as a career until today!

Who's your role model in your life?
I have many! Hmmm... If I had to name one from Indonesia, it'll be the male actor Joe Taslim. He delivers his acting and characters brilliantly. I also look up to Jackie Chan! I like him very much. These two people have made name for their own country as they have gone international in a positive way. And then to continue one... my role models are The Rock, Arnold Schwezeeneger, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham.
You know, these 4 big guys always inspire me the importance of maintaining a good body, diligent in my workouts, and to stay healthy no matter how old you are! (laughs)

Who's your favourite fashion designer?
Danyjo Hiyoji, Yudistira Adira, and Ceszs, Diorama, are the names I can remember right now!
These last two designers focuses on Tuxedos, and iI like it because they have have comfortable and excellent cuts to fit with our body. But there are so, so many fashion designers have good skills and unique concepts which I can't name them one by one. For the former two, I've walked for their show and I find their creations truly unique and it stands out from the rest to explain their concept.

What will you do in the next 10 minutes?
I have to eat, I haven't eaten during this entire time of the event, and I'm going to gather with my friends and unwind. It's been a long day for this finals (laughs)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'd like to continue my art. People tend to say that being a model, you have an expiry date until a certain age that you will shine. I'll prove that I can break that stigma and I can continue this career for a very much longer period of time. So yes, 10 years time, I'll still be a public figure and a model! I'll be 33 by then so I'm still young, right? (laughs)



With special thanks to Imelda from JFW 2017.'s Fashion Editor Rice contributed to this report from Indonesia 

Photographed by Nico Harold




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