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TWICE knocked on hearts and charmed at sold-out Singapore concert


TWICE brought their first ever concert tour "Twiceland - The Opening" to Singapore and impressed a 5000-strong audience at The Star Theatre. The sold-out show on Saturday night (29 April) was twice the fun and twice the splendour!


Amidst deafening cheers, the 9-member group comprising of Jihyo, Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Dahyun, Sana, Momo, Chaeyoung, Mina and Nayeon appeared like chic angels on spiral staircases of the majestic stage. They kicked off the night with ‘Touchdown’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be A Star’ before performing their famous single ‘Cheer Up’ which was accompanied by a spontaneous synchronization of trademark fan chants by the audience.



Performing against odds 

Leader Jihyo, who had to perform sitting down due to a knee injury, conveyed her heartfelt apologies to fans for not being able to dance and perform her best which prompted the fans to chant “괜찮아” (It's alright). Jihyo made a promise to dance on stage and give her best when Twice returns for their next tour. Nayeon also added that she was surprised with the large audience turn-out, not expecting that there were so many fand in Singapore. She confessed feeling very nervous but was able to receive tremendous energy from the fans which gave her confidence of putting up a great concert.


Special stages

One of the night's main highlights were the special stages which sent fans into overdrive as Twice displayed various sides of themselves which the fans had never seen before. Kicking off with Madonna’s ‘4 Minutes’, Mina Jeongyeon and Jihyo appeared on stage wearing suits and displayed boyish charms before Chaeyoung, Sana, Momo and Nayeon charmed with an extremely sexy and hot dance rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Partition’.  Looking to use her youthful and cute charms to touch the fans’ hearts, she started off her solo stage with a piano rendition of ‘Mission Impossible’ before joining Tzuyu in cute cat costumes to perform Turbo’s ‘Black Cat’ with its signature dance moves. Sana commented that Once in Singapore do not look tired at all and everyone appears super energetic before Chaeyoung teased the crowd by hinting that they will be performing two special stages just for the fans. Twice duly kept this promise as they performed EXO’s ‘Overdose’ and Seventeen’s ‘Pretty U’ to the extreme delight of the crowd who had requested to see Twice dance to boy groups’ songs.



Joining forces as one

Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung both complained that time was passing too fast as the concert was nearing the end with much groans coming from the crowd. For the final songs before the encore segment, Twice taught fans the hand dance moves before inviting Once to dance together with them for ‘소중한 사랑’ and ending the main concert segment with ‘Jelly Jelly’ and their fourth hit single ‘Knock Knock’. With fans screaming for an encore, they were presented with an on-screen game with numerous missions for the fans to accomplish before successfully getting Twice to reappear on stage for the encore segment and performing ‘One In A Million’, a song which Twice dedicated to their fans while walking around stage to interact with fans as much as possible.


Heartfelt exchanges

In the ending greetings, Jihyo, Nayeon and Sana once again thanks the fans for giving them the chance to stand in front and perform for all of them and create a night of wonderful memories and they promised that they will do their best to bring even greater stages in the future. In Mandarin, Tzuyu commented that Singapore was a really clean and beautiful country. Momo promised to learn more languages so that she can communicate with international fans better and Jeongyeon added that when the light first came on at the start of the concert, it really touched her heart to see so many beautiful smiles across the entire concert hall.


TWICE cheered up by ONCE

A surprise was in store for Twice at the end as they were treated to a fan-made video reminiscing their journey since debut, all the hardships and accomplishments up till their success point. At the end of the video, Twice turned around to face a sea of red as fans held up fan support banners to show their love. A group photo was taken to commemorate the moment. The night ended with an encore of fan-favourites ‘Ooh Ahh’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘TT’ as Twice walked around the stage interacting with fans and providing as much fan-service.

"Twiceland - The Opening" in Singapore was organized by One Production.

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