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Lee Dong Wook wishes to teleport to Singapore for his fans


On 15 April, Lee Dong Wook held a public press conference and met with many adoring fans prior to his <For My Dear> Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Singapore. Held outdoors at Plaza Singapura, the place was flooded with fans - some who came as early as 8am!   


Image Credit: Turner/Oh!K

Braving the blazing sun and a light drizzle, they waited fearlessly to catch the charming actor in person. Albeit a very short session and appearing almost an hour later than the stipulated time, fans forgot their tiredness and cheered passionately upon Lee's arrival, waving fan-boards and capturing moments with their cameras.


Known for his romantic roles in 'My Girl', 'Scent of a Woman' and 'Hotel King', the actor shot to sky-high popularity and became a hot favourite through his character as Grim Reaper in tvN drama 'Goblin'. However instead of memory-erasing powers, Lee wishes for teleporting skills in real life "to save time, so even when there is a traffic jam, I can just come here."  



His fans were indeed a cheeky lot as they suggested their own houses when asked for recommendations of places to visit in Singapore. The emcee picked up on it and teased Lee, to which he sheepishly answered "so many houses for me to visit!" The amused actor shook his head and expressed "​I don’t know why you keep asking me to come to their house all the time" bringing bouts of excited laughter from everyone. 



When asked about his feelings returning to Singapore, Lee revealed "it’s been six years since I’m here in Singapore (promoting 'Scent of a Woman' drama). And I’m really thankful that all of you are welcoming me with all your hearts and brightness." He certainly felt the love from his fans who turned up in throngs at the airport as well as during the public press conference. "Singapore makes me feel at home. If I could teleport, then I’ll come back every week!"


Next up, Lee is set to bring his tour to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan. He also hinted that after his tour, he will tentatively be embarking on a new movie or film. 


Korea.com's Shya contributed to this report from Singapore.