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Romantic actor Park Bo Gum found his 'Raon' during Jakarta Fanmeeting


The actor who recently robbed the heart of drama-lovers with his role as Prince Lee Young in 2016 hit-drama, 'Love in the Moonlight' finally answered his fans’ call and visited Jakarta, Indonesia for the very first time! Park Bo Gum revealed that his Jakarta fanmeeting was the first stop for ‘Oh Happy Day 2017 Asia Tour Fanmeeting'. Despite Indonesia's hot summer weather, Bo Gum brought fans into a winter wonderland, pampering them with love through a series of events. To break the ice, he joked, “There is no winter in Indonesia so I hope you guys can feel it from (the theme) of this fanmeeting!” 


During 'Chapter 1: Happy Bogum' segment, he confessed never needing to go on a diet despite his love for food, which gained him the nickname ‘Eat-Gum’ or 'Bap-Bo-Gum' (bap = rice). He also revealed photos from his night tour in Jakarta and excitedly told fans that it was his first time trying the durian. “Not bad,” he answered in English when asked about the taste of the exotic fruit.




He shared stories of acting in his recent hit-dramas through the next “Chapter 2: Happy Gallery” segment. The rising star revealed that he screamed when initially reading a script with certain romantic scenes and he was actually embarrassed during his first ever kissing scene with Girls’ Day Hyeri in 'Reply 1988'. He then admitted that he learned a lot during his filming for 'Love in the Moonlight' because he worked really hard to portray the character of the crown prince. The romantic actor asked, “do you know the meaning of the name 'Raon'? It means happiness or joy.” He then looked at his fans in the audience and told them they were his 'Raon'.​




Bogum really pampered his fans through a series of interactions that he personally picked from a ballot box. He re-enacted romantic scenes and shared warm eye and bodily contacts with them based on the scenes from his dramas. He also sang “Don’t Worry” and played the piano, asking the fans to sing along. As if all that was not enough interaction, he personally walked around the venue and waved to fans as he sang “My Dearest”, making the audience scream in happiness.


During segment “Chapter 4: Happy Dinner”, he tasted some Indonesian food and really enjoyed Nasi Goreng Kambing and Soto Betawi. He felt guilty for eating alone and not sharing with his beloved fans, so he prepared a special dinner on stage and made a sandwich. The filling? Potato salad, slices of cucumber, and strawberry jam! “I hope you enjoy (the sandwich) I prepared prettily,” he told fans before he picked another lucky fan from the ballot.




Astonishment was painted on his face when fans surprised him with a video project displayed on the giant screens. He said with a big smile, “I think I’m going to add one more wish in this year: meeting Indonesia fans once again.” He made another surprise by singing an Indonesian song titled “Untukku”.  Despite the language barrier, he successfully serenaded the audience with his skills and piano harmony.


After a 3-hour long fan meeting, fans left the venue with overwhelming happiness as they had the chance to directly interact with Bogum through a hi-touch session. With the abundance amount of love he received and his utmost effort to express his gratefulness to his fans, we believe that Park Bogum will shine even more in 2017 and the years to come. would like to thank organizer Mecima Pro for the kind invitation to cover this event.

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