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[EXCLUSIVE] A quick chat with Akdong Musician about love, fear and more!


YG Entertainment's treasured pop duo, Akdong Musician (Akmu), has just announced their comeback, slated early next year. The second part of their full album titled ‘사춘기 하 (Winter)’ is set for release on 3 January 2017. 


Korea.com met with the sibling pair for a quick chat, ahead of their first ever Singapore showcase - 'AKMU Studio in Singapore'! Despite their young age, the pair fielded questions professionally and were cheery throughout the interview session. 


1) Do you have any stage fright (anxiety/nervousness etc.)? What is your pre-show ritual to get rid of the nerves?


Suhyun: We had our debut when we were very young, so we don't really feel very nervous when we go up on stage. But the nervous feeling comes when there are too few people in the audience.


Chanhyuk: I actually experienced a sort of trauma during 'Kpop Star' where I forgot my lyrics during one of the live performances. So ever since then, I feel nervous and fearful like I might forget my lyrics again. Even on a small stage, I may tend to forget some lyrics. There's actually one thing I do right now, I dance a little before I get on stage to relieve the nerves. (Suhyun: But he has improved, it's much better now.)



2) Suhyun plays the role of someone in love in some of the music videos (MV). In real life, what would you do if you have a crush on someone?


Suhyun: In MVs like 'Give Love' and '200%', I actually didn't do much acting in a sense that I pretty much portrayed my actual self. For example, feeling shy and taking pictures of my crush, those are actually my real self. The director didn't give me much direction or instruction to look like a person in love in those MVs. 


3) Many singers go on variety shows for exposure. If you could choose, which variety show would you like to be on and why?


Chanhyuk: I would like to go on shows which are more related to music and stage, for example 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'. Whereas for Suhyun, she prefers to go on more entertainment and comedy type of shows, such as a talk concert or a funny comedy programme.



4) Akmu is well-known for doing amazing cover songs. What is a song you would like to perform as a cover but have not gotten a chance to do yet?


Chanhyuk: We did a lot of covers but it's just that we did not have a chance to show it to our fans. Since now we have more opportunities to go abroad through our tours and we also listen to more local music and pop music, so it's quite fun to do covers now. In fact, we have prepared a special one for our show in Singapore! 


Suhyun: For me, 'Almost Is Never Enough' by Ariana Grande. It is a female-male duet but I think that my brother, Chanhyuk, is not good enough yet to take over the male part. (laughs) So I am considering whether to train him or to find another male singer to duet with and make a cover.



'AKMU Studio in Singapore' takes place on 9 December 2016, at Kallang Theatre. Get your tickets from SISTIC, and enjoy a night of healing as AKMU serenades you with their vocals and a live band!


Special thanks to organizers IME Singapore and Three Angles Production for arranging the interview session. For more information and first-hand event updates, check out the organizers' Facebook!



Korea.com's Shya contributed to this article from Singapore.

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