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Song Jae Rim will be on Asia Fan Meeting Tour!


Photo Credit: Newsen


Song Jae Rim announced that he will be on fan meeting tour “Song Jae Rim 1st ASIA TOUR! Together.”

Beginning in Thailand on May 16, Song Jae Lim will hold fan meetings in 6 different countries in Asia including China and Taiwan.

Song Jae Rim is a Korean actor and model born and raised in Korea.

He had played various roles in Korean dramas, such as a boy guard in MBC drama “Sun that Embraces the Moon,” a cold-blooded assassin in MBC drama “Two Weeks” and a land owner in KBS drama “Inspiring Generation.” Song Jae Rim is currently on a Korean reality variety show, “We Got Married” with Kim So Eun.  Jae Rim becomes popular as “We Got Married” is now being broadcast worldwide.

Song Jae Rim’s entertainment form said that Jae Rim tries his best to meet all of his fans around the world, and eagerly participated in planning meetings for “”Song Jae Rim 1st ASIA TOUR! Together.” Also, this tour’s Finale will be held in Korea.

Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim plays a role of Kendo Master in KBS drama “Unkind Ladies ” where he shows both his cute and stern sides.’s Emily You ( contributed to this report from Seoul. 

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