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Park Hae Jin is Prince Charming in disguise at Singapore Press Conference



Korean heartthrob Park Hae Jin, the lead actor of drama Cheese in the Trap, was invited to Singapore as a presenter for Mediacorp Star Awards last weekend. He took the opportunity to meet his fans prior to the awards show at an open Press Conference. Organized by Faith & D Entertainment, the free-admission and public event drew a massive crowd that filled all three levels of West Coast Plaza. 



Decked in a rose-pink Vivienne Westwood round-neck jumper, Park Hae Jin looked every bit like Prince Charming. Appearance aside, Park's actions were reflective of the nickname he has earned - a man with good manners and a heart of goldHis punctuality was a stark difference from the fashionably late trend of other Korean celebrities. He was also spotted wearing a yellow wristband during both the Press Conference and Awards Ceremony, in remembrance of the Sewol Ferry disaster. 



Throughout the Press Conference, the 32-year-old actor was giving heart-signs and smiles in all directions, trying to connect with as many fans as possible. The highlight would be the hi-touch session, a first of its kind to happen in such a public event. The sweet treat from Faith & D Entertainment and Park Hae Jin himself, saw the actor making his rounds on the first floor to get up-close and shake hands with ardent fans. 

Unfortunately, a young fan girl was shoved by the crowd in the process. Seeing her distress, Park Hae Jin, with the help of bodyguards, helped the girl up and comforted her before leaving the venue. His sincere concern further reinforced his prince-ly nature.

2016 is a special year as it marks Park's 10th year as an actor, with 15 dramas under his belt. Having acted so many roles, Park hopes to try something new like 'bromance'.



Having revealed to the media about his 6-years of single-hood, Park admitted that he feels lonely at times. However, his busy schedule and living with his family have made him less lonely. When asked if he has done anything romantic for someone, Park expresses that he does not think of himself as a romantic person unlike his drama characters. The reason is that he comes from Busan in South Korea and Busan men are known to be more 'brusque'. 

Last but not least, the much-anticipated question about his ideal type was asked. Park reveals that he doesn't have a specific preference; just someone who is familiar, warm-hearted and most importantly able to take care of children. He also picked his Cheese in the Trap co-star, Kim Goeun (Hong Seol), as someone he had the best chemistry with. 



Park will be challenging the role of a bodyguard in his next project 'Man to Man', written by the writer of highly-rated drama 'Descendants of the Sun'. He will also be holding a free fan-meeting in Seoul to celebrate his 10th year in the industry. Do look out for his future activities!'s Shya contributed to this report from Singapore.

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