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A New Webtoon Imitation is a Heart-Pounding K-pop Romance to Get Excited Over

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-04-11 17:07:04









Maha Lee is a 20-year-old singer who is a part of a K-pop idol girl group named Tea Party that is still trying to find mainstream popularity. She wants to do well and lead her group to success but so far all she is known for is looking like and imitating a top star named La Lima.




Though she is sweet, cheerful, and bursting with energy to prove herself, she is misunderstood by some of her peers, especially Ryoc Gwon, the leader of the insanely popular K-pop boy band Shax.




His biggest pet peeve is people who become famous without talent or hard work and when he looks Maha, that’s what he sees.   


Maha manages to land gigs that have her interacting with Ryoc but every time she sees him he seems to scare her more and more. But after a horrible mistake where he makes Maha cry, he begins to have a change of heart.



The characters are really well created and explored in depth in this webtoon because you constantly get insight into their inner thoughts. You see what makes them tick and the changes they go through. You can’t help but swoon over Ryoc as he grapples with his feelings and how he begins to take care of Maha.

And as a reader you also sympathize with Maha and root for her as she tries to figure out her career and her own identity within the insanely competitive world of K-pop idols. This is an addictive romance that will have you hooked from the beginning.


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Spotton.com's Chloe Kang and Korea.com's Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul. 


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