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Song Joong-ki has been planning for “2016 Asia Tour fan meetings”


Song Joong-ki’s Asia Tour fan meetings will be coming soon.

He will start his “2016 Asia Tour fan meeting” from Korea to other countries in Asia.


On the March 14, His agency, Blossom Entertainment announced that Song Joong-ki has been preparing for his Asia Tour fan meetings. A pre-announcement stated that he will be having a fan meeting in China.


The agency revealed the reason that why they talked about a fan meeting in China first. Recently there have been reports of an impersonator holding fan meetings in China. So, by giving a pre-notice to public, they’re trying to protect fans from frauds.




Furthermore, the agency will announce the details of an Asia Tour fan meeting through only the official SNS of Blossom Entertainment, and Song Joong-ki’s fan club “Ki Aile”.


The detailed plans of fan meeting in China, especially, will be announced jointly by Blossom Entertainments, CN BLESS, and Hs E&C.


​photo: Descendant of the Sun official Homepage


Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki is getting much popularity and love from fans performing the role of the male lead, Yoo Shi-jin, for “Descendants of the Sun” on KBS2.


KBS2’s soap opera “Descendants of the Sun” is 100% pre-recorded. Also it is being broadcast in both Korea and China at the same time.'s Blare Kim and Emily Yoo contributed to this report from Seoul.​ 


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