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Awesome New Webtoon Releases You Should Check

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-02-26 16:25:02

<1> Dating 101


 Harin is a feisty young girl who has a very persistent suitor named Howon who is determined to marry her.




The thing is that he’s tiger and annoys her to death with his sweetness and naiveté. She becomes determined to make him over so that he can attract another girl to.



But her plan turns Howon into an absolute heartthrob and Harin slowly begins to have a change of heart.   Dating 101 is a fun story and watching the characters grow makes it a satisfying read.



<2> The Watching



If you’re looking for a chilling read, check out The Watching. It’s about an agoraphobic boy with an extremely traumatic past who begins spying on his new neighbors. He becomes convinced that there is something strange about them. His curiosity begins to push his psychological limits and puts him in danger.



This series will make your spine tingle and make wonder if someone is watching you too…


<3> See, Hear, Love




See. Hear, Love is a heartwarming and emotional tale about two people: an artist who can no longer see and a young girl who is deaf.  They fall in love and the relationship they build with each other is both inspiring and heartbreaking as they try to navigate a world that is now distinct limitations for them.



You’ll cry, laugh, and smile throughout this series.  You won’t regret reading this one. 





This series is about a zookeeper named Chulsoo who can’t seem to catch a break. The love of his life gets married to another man and then he loses his job because the zoo goes bankrupt.

All of the animals are sold off and the zoo is abandoned.  But a new surge of inspiration strikes Chulsoo and he becomes determined to bring the zoo back to life. With limited resources and an eccentric team by his side, he resorts to unusual measures that play with your expectations.  UnuZOOal Zoo is a fun-filled ride that’s balanced with both laughs and drama.


Be sure to check out all these releases here.  Happy reading!'s Emily You and's Chloe Kang contributed to this report from Seoul. [ E-mail: ]


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