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Conan O'Brien announces to visit South Korea next week


Conan O'Brien, a host of America's famous talk show, announced to visit South Korea to thank his fan, who sent him a letter and local snacks. 


Last night, Conan said at TBS Conan Show, "Not too long ago, I received a letter from a fan in South Korea named Sunny Lee. She wrote she was watching clips of me on Youtube instead of studying for the Korean SAT. She wrote me a version in English and a second version in Korea... She was kind enough to send me a giant box of Korean snacks." 


He also said that his assistance ate all the snacks, and revealed the face of her. And he continued, "Anyway, very kind letters and based on this fantastic letter I decided to visit Sunny Lee and her country of South Korea. I am going next week, and well air a special show based on my visit after I return."  


​Photo: TBS 'Conan Show' Screenshot 


Meanwhile, Conan will take his trip to South Korea on February 14. He will visit Korea Traditional Temple. He is also planning to learn Korean Culture and the language. Moreover, he will join a secret project of JYP.'s Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul. [E-mail:]



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