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A Popular Webtoon ‘Cat and Dog’ Finally Being Made into a Romantic Korean Drama

It was announced last November that the webtoon, Cat and Dog by Park Hee-Jung is going to be made into a drama on MBC in 2016. Before it airs, here is a sneak preview of the story that merges tradition with the modern world. 



The plot has all the makings of a quintessential k-drama that fans will fall in love with; gorgeous leads, drama and a ton of romance.




Young Woo is a young and cheerful girl from the countryside who had a very traditional upbringing. At birth, she was arranged to be married to a boy named Seul Woo. Now of age, her elderly grandfather decides that it is time for her to marry before he passes away and leaves her all alone. While Young Woo has been in love with Seul Woo all her life, Seul only remembers her as a pudgy baby he met once 20 years ago.




 Seul Woo is now an actor, trying to establish himself and get away from a dating scandal that has stalled his career. He reluctantly agrees to the marriage with Young Woo, unable to go against the wishes of her grandfather. Thus begins their unconventional marriage where they encounter many unexpected twists and turns, including what might actually be love. But with so many obstacles in their way, can their marriage last?


Our Leads: Seul Woo, Young Woo and Jae Min 




Second-lead syndrome will definitely be in play in this drama with the kind Jae Min. He is Seul Woo’s best friend who develops a sweet friendship with Young Woo. 




It leads to a love square.



The webtoon creates a very romantic and bright visual space that hopefully kept intact in the adaptation. The drama is set to be titled, The Prince’s Mermaid and will be set in Busan. We can’t wait until more news is announced but until then the webtoon will keep us more than satisfied. Read Cat and Dog here. How do you want to see the drama come to life?


Korea.com's Emily You and Spotton.com's Chole Kang contributed to this report from Seoul. 


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