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My Beautiful World: A Must-Read, Romantic Webtoon for Korean Drama Fans!


If you’re a fan of romantic K-dramas and K-movies then My Beautiful World by Maru will definitely grab your attention. Webtoons can be just as engaging and addictive as any TV series or movie out there if the story and characters are strong.


My Beautiful World is about a college student named Yurim Lee who has the ability to see darkness in people, or in other words, their true, unkind nature. People scare her so she avoids them and keeps to herself as much as possible. But as she enters college, she is pushed into a social environment that she cannot escape. And unfortunately for her, some of the people around her aren’t as nice and harmless as they seem to others. 




One day Yurim finds herself in a dangerous situation and is rescued by an older guy named June Kim. A former police officer with his own troubled past, he unintentionally becomes Yurim’s protector and friend.



The progression of Yurim’s relationship with June and her own personal growth happens in a very organic way and you find yourselves rooting for this couple as they face various obstacles both as a couple and individually. The webtoon is able to strike a good balance with addressing serious issues such as sexual harassment, bullying and confronting past traumas as the romance between the two main characters develops. There is depth to the story and though there is a supernatural element to it, it’s actually very grounded and realistic. Another highlight is the artwork. It’s bright, pretty and engaging. It makes it so much easier to get attached to these characters and the story as it unfolds. It emphasizes the romance within the story without being overwhelming.




My Beautiful World is a great example of a webtoon that contains a strong narrative supported by engaging imagery that immerses you into the world of these characters. The romance and the flow of the story could easily translate to a k-drama but webtoons can also be a great source of entertainment all by themselves. It activates your imagination and leaves you wishing that characters like this truly existed. So if you can’t get your fix of romance from the dramas that are currently airing then webtoons are a great place to turn to find heartwarming stories. You can read My Beautiful World here. Once you realize how captivating webtoons can be, what will you read next?



[ Click HERE to read 'My Beautiful World' ]'s Emily You and's Chloe Kang contributed to this report from Seoul. [E-mail:]




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