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Park Seo Jun sucessfully wraps up his first fan meeting!


​Actor Park Seo Jun held his first fan meeting entitled '2015 PARK SEO JUN 1st Fan Meeting' on December 13. Over 2500 fans came to this event. 


Tickets for this event were completely sold out in a minute after the ticket sales opened. Seo Jun prepared 5 songs from his drama, and 'Lady' from drama 'Answer me, 1988' for his fans. He also showed the perfect duet with singer Kim Ji Soo. After that, Seo Jun reviewed his movies and drama pieces with fans, and he shared his old photos and talked about his hobbies, and interests. 


At the end of the fan meeting, fans celebrated Seo Jun's birthday, which is on December 16, by singing birthday song. Seo Jun said, "I am so happy to meet my fans. I will make my screen comeback as soon as possible for you. Thank you all for coming!" Seo Jun recently starred in drama 'She Was Pretty' as the male lead, Ji Sung Joon. He is currently considering his next drama piece.


Photo from Keyeast's Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul. [E-mail:]​




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