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Lee Jong Suk Special Video

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2015-09-01 22:31:09

Wellmade Yedang made a special video for LEE JONG SUK, one of the hottest star now in Korea and outside Korea. Recently, he had his successful fan meeting in China and promotions of the Millet F/W 2015 collections. Soon he will be visible again on TV for his new KBS drama, to be air soon and negotiations going on for big screen , a film Comeback. He will be joining the famous Chinese TV show Happy Camp to be aired this September. On Sept 11, 2105 he will be having his fanmeet as his birthday celebration , "With You" more fans are expecting to come.


Congratulations to you LEE JONG SUK for all the success..


 Korea.com's GiKimtan contributed to this report. 


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