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Kim Hyun Joong accuses his ex-girlfriend

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2015-07-23 11:09:07

Photo from Keyeast


Kim Hyun Joong accused his ex-girlfriend Ms.Choi, who has blackmailed him and made false allegation that she was assaulted. Ms. Choi alleged that she aborted Hyun Joong's baby before, and she is currently carrying another baby of Hyun Joong.


According to Hyun Joong's lawyer, there is not enough evidences including hospital records to prove her previous pregnancy. In the past, Ms. Choi alleged that she was assaulted by Hyun Joong and this turned out that she got hurt from the gym, and ask doctor to make a fake statement that she was attacked. There are possibilities that Ms. Choi to escape Korea, so Hyun Joong's lawyer proposed to Korean government to ban her overseas travel. 


Meanwhile, Hyun Joong enlisted in the army on May 12. He will be discharged on February, 2017.’s Emily You ( contributed to this report from Seoul.



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