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Samsung OLED TV



Unprecedented OLED Picture Quality

OLED panels consist of thousands of organic LED pixels that independently display richer and brighter images compared to current LED TVs, creating a picture that is breathtakingly clear and bursting with rich color, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Floating Canvas

Samsung OLED TVs bring beauty into any space with a timeless curved design that draws you into the picture and frame inspired by something you’d find in a modern art gallery. The One Connect box merges all cable connections into a single cable for a “clean back” finish. Samsung OLED TVs boast minimalistic elegance that’s stunning when turned on or off. 


Multi View

Two TVs in one: The first TV that allows two people simultaneously to watch different full-screen programs in Full HD and stereo sound. Your friends and family will love watching two separate shows at the same time both with complete full HD video and sound all on the same TV. 


Real Color

With a richer, more authentic color palette than current LED technology allows, Samsung OLED TVs display incredibly vibrant and gorgeous colors. 


Virtually Blur Free

Pictures so crisp you’ll feel as if you’re part of the moment. From subtle motion to fast-paced action, every on-screen movement is virtually blur-free. 

Wide Color Enhancer Plus

Enhances hues by expanding the color range for a more vivid viewing experience especially beneficial when watching older film productions and non high definition content.