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A movie about ASTRO's concert <STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE>

A movie about ASTRO's concert <STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE>

The preview will be released as soon as the ticket opens today (7th)!





Astro's concert "The 3rd ASTROAD to Seoul 'STARGAZER'" will start opening tickets for Korea and global reservations on October 7 (Fri). At the same time, the 30-second trailer will be released.


The trailer released is a short 30-second video, but it contains the passion of ASTRO members. In addition, not only the hot realism of ASTRO's solo concert, but also the sparkling visuals of the members are vividly captured, raising global fans' expectations for the movie "STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE".


In particular, the images of ASTRO members gathering their hearts before going on stage, and the dynamic performance of ASTRO with all their might while breathing with fans on stage, remind us of the emotion of the day and attract more attention by giving us a sense of immersion as if we were standing in the middle of the concert hall.


ASTRO's first film, "STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE," which features ASTRO's solo concert "The 3rd ASTROAD to Seoul [STARGAZER]" held in May, is a commemorative work that begins ASTRO's global journey and new history, which is scheduled to be released in Korea and around the world on October 27.


The film captures not only the practice process of the members preparing for the stage, but also the sincere interview and ASTRO's concert stage. In addition, the excitement of fans around the world is amplified by the news that all members, including MJ, who could not participate in the concert due to military enlistment, Jin-jin, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Yoon San-ha, can participate in the interview to meet the entire ASTRO.


After the news of the movie's confirmation of release on the 27th of last month, tickets for "STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE" began to be booked around the world, including 31 CGV theaters nationwide. 


Meanwhile, the movie "STARGAZER: ASTROSCOPE," which tells the story of ASTRO's passion and love, and ASTRO itself, a single star that shines only for AROHA, will be released in Korea and around the world on October 27. More information about the film is available at www.astrothefilm.com.​ 

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