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Kim Hyun Joong Announced That He Is Getting Married and Heartfelt Message For His Fans




On February 27, 2022 Kim Hyun Joong held a free online Gift Concert for his fans "Words I Want to Say" , It was a heartfelt concert when he himself announced  that he has found someone to spend with his life, he said with a very soft voice he said " I am not sure  how to say this I have decided to spend the rest of my life with someone who has stayed by myside through my most difficult and worst time" He also said to his fans " I am sincerely grateful and thankful for all of you fans for staying by my side during my difficult times , to continue his heartfelt message here it goes

 "He said " I hope this letter can convey to you all my love and gratitude for you , I will live a life I can show with pride so that I don't regret it each day , I will going forward I will move beyond the past and live my new life in gratitude as long as I have your support and encouragement in pursuing my dreams. ​There may come a time when I'll have to collide head-on into harsh winds and storms, Of course I don't think that it will all be a breeze I'm not going to push myself without being able to take in the surroundings I still have lot of dreams that I want to fulfill with HENECIA , I know it must the curious but I ask you to understand .  As this is the most difficult announcement to make in my life and also I would have to ask your understanding , I contemplated a lot on how I should address this , And I decided it would be the best to face you and let you hear my own words as you have been sending me genuine love. I found someone whom I am blessed to spend my life with.  With the pandemic still going on there will be no ceremony, but I would love to start this new phase  in my life with your blessings. So that's why I am telling you this news during this performance   I hope you can show the same support and faith to my 'partner" as  a new member of the family  .  As you guys have been supporting  me with love  so that I can continue with my musical life.  Stay healthy in these difficult times and I will talk to you again . Thank you and I love you HENECIA"

He ended the concert with the song "Bell of Blessing"

Kim Hyun letter for his fans  is full of hope that he conveyed all his love and gratitude to all his fans . It was a very touching heart to heart talk I have ever read, A good singer, &  actor , a good friend , good son how can we not support and give encouragement for him. He is one of a kind indeed!

Lets us all wish him all the best to his new phase of life to have a happy peaceful married life.   Congratulations and all Best Wishes!  

by: gikimtan

credit all photo  from Kim Hyun Joong Gift Concert "What I Want to say" Feb 27,2022 youtube channel KIM HYUN JOONG.official 


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