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Kim Hyun Joong Surprised Fans Wore an Outfit Gift from Fan


Everyone in the IG 's got a big surprised when Kim Hyun Joong posted a photo wearing an outfit from a fan and he quoted it as " its been a long time a fan gave me this and its only now I wear it, it is very good to wear" 


Some fans have identified the so called outfit.  it is called poncho or jorongo from ig follower claurouch .


another fan replied  that is is a Peruvian blanket  fan info from mialee_sophia

@hyunjoong860606 오빠, It is a Peruvian blanket, here they say "poncho" you look so traditional and beautiful. Greetings from Peru.


On this post also Young Saeng his old friend from the band SS501 replied and comment "hermoso" and many fans were also delighted and replied from his comment.  Kim Hyun Joong also got reply from him saying" is it" 


With this gesture of Kim Hyun Joong, he only shows that he now a fully grown and fine gentlemen just like a fine wine who grown by years of time. He always shows his gratitude to his fans by showing simple things like this but for the fans meant a lot of things, being appreciative and showing gratitude will always bring you to success, that is where Kim Hyun Joong now.


He is preparing on new music together with Young Saeng in which must be a big surprise for their fans for a long time. And very active in social media account in FB, IG TW and you tube  . For the fan you gave this outfit to him I am sure that you are now on your static emotions congratulations and keep loving Kim Hyun Joong.

Good Luck Kim Hyun Joong nim  and more Power!

written by gikimtan

photo credit  from Kim Hyun Joong IG @hyunjoong080606 with blue check