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3 ways to celebrate New Year in Korea


Today marks the last day of 2021! Like many places around the world, on New Year’s Eve there are parties everywhere in Korea. Here we recommend you top 3 ways to celebrate New Year in Korea. 


1. Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony


Bosingak bell-ringing ceremony has been held every year since 1963. The ringing of the bell bids farewell to the old year and is an expression of hope, happiness and expectations for the new one. 


2. Countdown Shows


In typical years, countdown show are held at several shopping malls with musical performances and events.  


3. Sunrise Festival


Koreans believe that wishes made while witnessing the first sunrise of the year are more powerful, therefore every year on Jan 1 thousands of people choose to stand on high mountains or line up on a coast and wait for the sunrise to welcome a new year. Due to the ongoing of COVID-19 pandemic, most annual sunrise festivals have been cancelled following last year.  

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