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Kim Hyun Joong Celebrates Birthday Today June 06, 2021


photo source  Kim Hyun Joong FB post

Kim Hyun Joong the singer : I am really  happy that Kim Hyun Joong found himself in a place he has longed to be.  I know one of his favorite music dreams and desires. He loves music. Without a doubt music played a significant role in his life and his career.  He has never hidden his ambition from his fans.He enjoys music and dancing as well.  No wonder why all the encore on his fan meetings were all lively songs.   Because of his dream he achieved the pinnacle of being a Hallyu star. No doubt about it.

The phenomenon called “Kim Hyun Joong” is poised to prove himself. He proved he can change his looks and his sounds when he likes it.  It takes one good song for a good singer”.


I should give Kim Hyun Joong an applause for continuing to create good music for his fans.  I recognize and value all his efforts from the start of his career as leader of a band  to solo artist, Kim Hyun Joong made himself improve a lot and  his craft. His passion for music is unbeatable, as much as he loves music he also valued his fans so much. I remember he said in one interview that as long as there are one or two fans willing to listen to his music he will continue to sing, even in a small music place, he would certainly sing. He is an amazing artist to value fans.

I will give him full credit for creating feel good songs , and for his fearlessness in conquering the world outside Korea. It only proves his determination to break out of the mold. It is not easy for him to achieve this success but he did it! He certainly did it and deserves to be called Hallyu superstar. Kim Hyun Joong


Today as he celebrate his 35th birthday , his fans all over the world have wrote him birthday wishes thank you for entrusting to us your meaningful birthday message for Kim Hyun Joong! Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong nim, May you live a life filled with joy and success in the years to come!

생일 축하합니다 김현중 님, 앞으로도 기쁨과 성공으로 가득한 삶을 살길 바랍니다

 written by  gikim tan -

Here are the 35 birthday wishes for Kim Hyun Joong all over the world


1. Happy birthday Kim Hyun Joong!!  An henecia from Bolivia  wishes you the best wishes and I want you to always shine and be happy!

2..From Emmy of Philippines: Wishing you a very happy birthday! May you always remain happy and inspired living your life and doing beautiful music that gives happiness and hope to others.

3.From Candy1010 of the USA : Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong! Hope your day is Amazing and filled with Love!! Thank you for working so hard this year when we needed the bright light you are! May this year bring you Success and Happiness

4.From Jen  Canada of Vancouver, BC, Canada:  Happy happy birthday Kim Hyun Joong! Hoping for many blessings and love, the way you love your fans all throughout the world. Your fun & entertaining videos, as well as your amazing songs and music videos that showcase how beautiful South Korea is has made you into a talented global artist. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your music for your fans. I'm a new fan and even got my hubby to be a fan! We want to go to Korea for your concert once this pandemic is over! Your music has helped me greatly during this hard time, especially dealing with anxiety, depression and my cancer recovery. Hope all your wishes and dreams come true.. God bless you! Love, Jen (& Will, my hubby!) Vancouver, BC, Canada 

5.From Flor Solis of Peru:  Happy birthday Hyun Joong!!!

Your smile lights up our world, and is the key to our hearts. Thank you for joining me in all my days, never let go of your hand. Blessings and take good care of yourself. Flor Solis from Perú.

6.Hyun Joong Happy Birthday ! I wish you everyday happiness .

Hong Kong Fans

7.Happiest Birthday to the man I love the most!!!!!!!!!!..

HyunJoong,oppa,leader....You are the best... From: Kawya Savindi from Sri Lanka..

8.To Kim Hyun Joong -- It's your Birthday and I hope your Special Day brings you all that your heart desires! I can't wait to celebrate it with you as part of the Prism Concert series. Have a spectacular day because you deserve it! I also hope your birthday is the happiest. 

From: Angela Prince from USA

9. Hello.  I'm Cristina.  Leader of Henecia Italy.  Thanks for this great initiative.  My wish for Hyun is: a world full of health, serenity and which warms all the people of the world with its music and which brings bliss in their hearts.  a voice that not only sings, but cares for people's souls and gives them hope.  thank you

10. Sending my virtual birthday hugs from Brisbane Australia and wishing you a blessed  and healthy birthday . Thank you for your continuous connection to us. Always thinking of you.Happy Birthday. 

From Ems Henecia Emalyn Aniceto  of Brisbane, Queensland Australia

11.Happy birthday oppa, love you so much. waiting to see you come to India. I'm a Huge fan of yours, Nidhi from India

12.Another year has passed in your life, making you even wiser and stronger. Let your age, not age your spirits. Happy birthday KHJ your music not only changes my mood,it changes the way I think. your music & rhythm find way into the secret places of soul.your music takes me where my feet can never go. stay blessed with all happiness Mamta Gautam from India

13.Happiest Birthday Hyun Joong! You’ve given us so much love and happiness over the years. I wish you to have abundant love and happiness in your life with a fun loving wife and cute kids because you deserve it .  Loads of love and blessings from Kay India

14.Happy Birthday My Love.I hope and wish you achieve all your Dreams.Stay Safe and Healthy with Art and Matic 

Love from India,Jaswanthi (Jas KHJ)

15. From:  Ann Marie Arizona, USA

We are so grateful that through this difficult year, Kim Hyun Joong was constantly there -  trying his best in his own way, to bring happiness, hope and inspiration to us. He thought of several ways to reach out to fans.   He also didn't forget to extend his help to some  charities  affected by the pandemic like the zoo animals, senior citizens and the abandoned dogs.   God bless you for all the kindness you have shown and for all the effort you did in the past year.  Happy Birthday to our one and only ROCKSTAR!  

16. A thousand blessings from Paraguay on your birthday Hyun Joong! Gessy Cazal

17. From:Mamta Gautam/India

Stay blessed with all happiness of universe.your music not only changes our mood,it also changes the way we think.our perception of the world.your music & rhythm find their way into the secret places of the souls.ur music is life why our hearts have beats at time.your music takes me where my feet can never go.


18.Happy birthday dear Kim Hyun Joong, we wish you to have a full life, full of love, happiness, that every step you take will lead to success. May God give you health so that you continue to share your incredible talent with us. Greetings from Ecuador

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