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Kim Hyun Joong MUSIC IN KOREA Season2 - KISS KISS



Kim Hyun Joong released the MUSIC OF KOREA - Season 2 with Kiss Kiss on a different beat, it is like a  combination of Pop-Acoustic. the beat it is more relaxing  and entertaining.  

the first version of Kiss Kiss was released on January 25, 2012 Kim Hyun Joong first Japanese single , Two weeks after the released Kiss Kiss reached its Gold status in Japan for selling more than 120,000 copies .taking the number one spot for the Overall DVD chart.  This is the first time a Korean artist taken the number one spot and second foreign artist  took over Japan's Oricons  daily chart.


in MUSIC IN KOREA SEASON2 - Hyun Joong nim music style is indeed a very simple and no need to use extravagant showcase,   he always sounds like a soft harp with passion . The new version of Kiss Kiss has the calmness and more relaxing  . It is like the cherry blossom of beauty and purity.  The hip hop 'Kiss Kiss ' then now became the acoustic pop. Hyun Joong shows calmness while singing the new version of Kiss Kiss , you can feel the peace and happiness when you hear it .  his voice and his  simple musical instruments used sounds like crisp in the air to keep you warm.


It is the combination of his personality both physical beauty and inner goodness that is  why his fans never leave him from the beginning of his career up to this time. His fans knows what he is trying to reach out in every song that he sings.  He does not have to fear losing his popularity in acting because his singing talent have transported him to musical greatness.


Congratulations for the new music video Kiss Kiss , Music in Korea season2



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