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Lee Seung Gi New TV Drama "Mouse" New Role as Police Officer



Actor Lee Seung Gi nim, will be portraying  for the first time as a rookie Police Officer , name  Jung  Ba Reum, in the new tvN's tc drama "Mouse" This is a mystery thriller drama, conflicts with some psycopath case. Jung Ba Reum is a new police officer who is willing to give a helping hand to those in need. He faces some challenges in his life while haunting the serial killer. He always puts himself at the other person's problem.    He will be working with actor Lee Hee Joon, Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin.   


Lee Seung Gi nim is one of the great actor of South Korea won numerous awards, he is an actor with true dedication and passion on work most specially in acting.  He look forward to his new role transformation as a Police Officer.  He is now ready again to capture many heart on his acting skills.  


He is also known as one of the great  actor with good singing talent. From the year he debuted in 2004  as a singer countless  awards have been given to him, in acting and in singing.  Despite of those recognition he remains humble and kind  and simple. A smile is always be seen on his face whenever our eyes met. Others are always saying good things about him and I agree with them. His kindness brought him to fame from then till now! 


This drama will be on aired on March 3,2021!

We are looking forward to it!  Want to send him your best wishes for the new drama comment below!

We wish him all the best!

Written by Gikimtan 

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