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Kim Hyun Joong "Last Christmas" Youtube Special in Everyday Joong



It has been a tough year for all of us and to all Kpop stars.  Not all  were able to have the fan meetings face to face. Few of them made it through a virtual fanmeeting one of them is Kim Hyun Joong nim.  Though virtual he was able to see onscreen his fans from all over the world, and was able to promote his new single . new single "Bell Of Blessing" 

It was a good year for him that he was able to proved to the world that he is innocent from the case filed against him.  I will not elaborate it anymore because the case was closed and in favor of him.

For the coming year Kim Hyun Joong nim wishes to have a new album and fanmeeting. If the situation becomes better.  The shining star will continue to shine as long as he is willing to do what is in his heart, "that is Music. for his fans.  His popularity outside Korea is becoming bigger and bigger, from different followers from my social media I have learned that many of them are from the countries and cities that other Kpop stars don't exist, Only Kim Hyun Joong captured these hearts hidden from different great valley of this world.

 He needs not to go to spectacular promotions to be able to catch someone's heart, he just need to stand, sing, dance and smile! He simply rely on his talent and own self. now he manages his own Music called Henecia Music. 

His Henecia Official club Korea is now also open for membership for 2021. To become an official member log in to:

hyun-joong.com and simply follow instructions from there.   Registration is only up to Dec 24, 2021.  Give yourself a chance to become an official member and more chances to get the first update from him! Goodluck!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and enjoy Kim Hyun Joong " Last Christmas" frankly he sings cute in English!  

Happy Holidays!

written by gikimtan




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