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Kim Hyun Joong : Justice Prevailed


Hallyu Star ​Kim Hyun Joong , finally got justice he deserved on Nov 12, 2020 the third division of the Supreme Court , Judged Noh Tae-ak,  dismissed the appeal for damages claim filed by complainant against him, for both civil and criminal .  It was found out that the statement submitted for the first and second  appeal was not valid and true. Therefore the  Supreme court decision was firmed saying both appeal made by the complainant was no basis at all and Kim Hyun Joong is innocent and not guilty from the complaint .


The five year lawsuit battle finally came to an end and   From now on  he is looking forward to continue his life giving good music to his fans who never left him during this difficult time in his life, He is very grateful and have felt all the love from his fans  He also said his five year heartbreak was replaced with good memories from his family, friends and  fans who waited for the justice with kind understanding and for believing only him.


Currently his new single is out Bell Of Blessing launched on his official Youtube account :  kimhyunjoong606



Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong ssi for getting the justice that he deserved!

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