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Festa da Cultura Coreana 2020

  • Name : 지혜tysh
  • Date : 2020-09-29 00:16:09

Korean Culture Party 2020.

Since we aren't able to have and to do events like normal days, The Korean Embassy in Portugal decided to also have an event online, this year. This event used to be the Korean Week, for a hole week, but this year will have place online, on weekend days, September 27th, October 3rd and 4th, and October 11th. The event will cover several areas of the culture and once you participate, you can also ask questions. There's mini contests for you to answer but it's only for Portuguese people living in Portugal.



Korean Culture Party 2020, schedule:



Happy to announce it, social distancing, social network and a few gifts:




Working Holiday experience in Korea with Ana As Well, September 27th:



KPOP song with Minji Kim (Hyukoh were already in Portugal in 2019, written here), September 27th:



Dancing with Sachoom2, October 3rd:



Hanbok with Bianca Santos, October 3rd:



KPOP dance with Sunbee Han, October 4th:



Learning a traditional Korean song in live streaming! October 4th:



Korean gastronomy with Telmo Saraiva, October 11th:



And Korean beauty with Marisa Gonzalez, October 11th:

Photo source: here



As you might have noticed, two events already took place, but you can still watch the next ones.

The event goes in Portuguese but if you want to watch it and need some translation, from any of the workshops, I can try and get a translation for you =)

Each event has the link written in the image, and it's going to happen at local Portuguese time.

Be free to watch it and have fun! =D

Written by Korea.com's Tysh


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