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Kim Hyun Joong - His Music , Singing, Dancing and His Charm

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2020-08-14 20:52:08



Kim Hyun Joong or known as the living statue of his Korean fans, got interviewed many times and I’d like to share how he was able to answer each question amazingly, humbly and unusual answers.  I didn’t realize that it was a trait that was attached to his personality.   First time I heard his 4D personality. I found it rooted to his sense of honesty and being humble at all times.


Going to that interview watching and reading every article about Hyun Joong ssi, the interviewer favorite questions are just revolving to two things, his family name and about his personality of being shy, humble and Charming.  I’d like to give a mark to hi being humble and charming.

Not everybody knows that surname KIM in Korea are well known if not in politics in businessman sectors, in short family of being well knows.    I was touched when he quickly said without hesitation, No, I come from the poor Kims.  He was quick to straight the record straight.  Weather its true or not, he showed not a single point of fear of rejection for his humble beginnings.


One of the favorite question in one of his interview was about of his being charming person, and he always answers  That he thinks that is not a charming person and could only think of three things about him that makes his fans find him charming, He said is that “I think my fans are looking out for my acting, singing and dancing.  These are the things that I really enjoyed and being able to do these things, are perhaps are the most charming things about me”. Being natural to my fans and giving them the happiness through my singing, dancing and acting.

For many fans his personal looks that makes him charming, His big eyes are like gem of stone shining in the dark.  His 4D personality makes him charming too.

Sharing to you some fans thought about his being charming and gave the same answer

Laura from Argentina have the same answer with Hyun Joong ssi,  he said His charm and passion for music is what I fall in love with every day.

Carolina also said He is charming for his way of being for his music and his songs, he is unique and wonderful person.

Henecia Vero gave his same answered as being himself and natural to his fans.

Kimpossiblekhj got the same answered “He has amazing voice”


As the years goes by, the humble Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t changed for being humble and simple. Until now I can see a soft personality, and heart and warmth that we all gravitate to like moth attracted to flames.  Perhaps it is the goodness of his heart that we respond to our Prince Charming Kim.

He is now currently working on a new album and busy uploading his Youtube channel for his fans to get connected with him. 

Many fans are now anticipating for his new album.  we wish him all the best!


by: gikimtan

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