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Kim Hyun Joong - Working on New Album and Show off his New Hair Style

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2020-07-15 14:08:07



Hyun Joong is like a phoenix that rose from the ashes of his past. He changed his looks and he strengthened the texture of his voice. He took full artistic control of his career from the songs he sang to the scripts for his drama. He is a young man in his time to shine. He has achieved fame and fortune. He did what a dutiful son would do. It’s as if he’s ticking off from a to do list. He’s starting to receive recognition for his talent more than his popularity. It gladdens me that he is now earning the respect of his peers and the people in the Korean entertainment industry instead of being written off as another ordinary Korean actor

Through the years he obtained the popularity that no ordinary actor can achieved I have been a witnessed to all his global fans all over the world. Even in the most unexpected city of the world you can find a Kim Hyun Joong loving fans. 


He appears so good-looking on his new blonde hairstyle show off his new hair style on his IG account with 1.1 M followers now! . He maintained his youthful look. He is now currently working on his new album and met the Henecia admin to work in details the said new album. I am very sure that his new album must be something incredible to give his fans much happiness. And can earn also some recognition not only in Korea Chart but also in some Billboards outside Korea. His debut Breakdown was an amazing experienced for me to see him performed like a King. Once a triple crown winner, in Hanteo charts, mccountdown will always be a winner


Clearly Kim Hyun Joong really worked hard from his debut as solo comeback up to this time. The success he is earning now is not a miracle or a fluke of chance. It is not the result of manipulation of numbers. It is a testament of his awesome talent and the love of the people who support him. I am truly happy for what he achieved and to be living in a world where Kim Hyun Joong is living. 


Wish him all the best on his upcoming album!


written by : gikimtan



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