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Kim Hyun Joong - The Symphony Concert Live, Birthday Wishes

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2020-06-23 21:11:06


Kim Hyun Joong has been constantly uploading his youtube channel , The Concert Live, The Symphony. the 3/3 composed of songs from his three albums, Wait For Me, New Way and Four Seasons. The song New Way, amazed me on how his voice improved a lot and it can be vended to different melodies. This song moved me into tears because it is a song of hope and encouragement. Take My Hand is a song reaching to his fans , that if you feel tired of everything take his hand and he will reach out this is the song message.. The Re-wind is a Japanese song talking about missing someone and reviving the memory . That if given the chance wants to bring back the lost love. This song emphasizes the clarity of his voice His song Your story was created six years ago and it was to his fans and the message is also about the lost love and not letting go of his love. 


These three albums, and his performance with the symphony, has broken all barriers , that he is no ordinary Kpop singer. He proved to everyone that he can destroy every vestige the simple Korean kpop singer created to him. Kim Hyun Joong showed everyone that this is who he really is. He is embarking to a bolder perspective now as a living legend of Kpop, he doesn’t need a defender because he has been brave and strong enough, all he still needs is all his loyal fans to be in line behind him. The Symphony series of concerts proved that he is standing at Korean stage a rousing success. His heart and soul are in the right places. He is creative and full of ideas when it comes to music. He knows what melody and lyrics that are powerful that connect the singer to the listener. I must say that through the years. Kim Hyun Joong has set the standard for an excellent singer and performer. Perhaps inside is a tired heart but he never quits. He just keeps going on and on to continue to give beautiful songs for his fans. He is such a true Hallyu Kpop superstar to be emulated!


This June is his birth month and I would like to conclude his birthday with greetings and wishes from his fans worldwide.. Kim Hyun Joong ssi, you are love beyond words. Saengil chukkae hamnida !


Birthday wishes from fans worldwide Thank you for entrusting to us:


=gikimtan =


Hi Hyun, I'm the leader of Henecia Italy. I've been following You for 15 Years, I wish You happy Birthday and every unimaginable good. Cristina

Dear Kim, I hope you had a great birthday.  Never let the flame of your heart go out because you are an Angel for many people.  My best wishes.  Anahí  Argentina

Light and blow out each candle  on your birthday cake ... not because it's what people do, but to celebrate another special day of your extrordinary life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUN JOONG!!


Hi...I want to send a Bday message to Kim Hyun Joong.   'Happy Birthday HJ. May all your dreams come true. Love Jessi from CA, USA'. 

HAPPY birthday 내 사랑하는 김현중!

하나님은 축복으로 당신을 채우십시오! 행복하세요!

키스 ... 아르헨티나-로라


Bangladesh: Ayesha.Mahmuda- - - - 현중씨, I  wish  you  a  wonderful  life  filled  with  love  and  happiness. I  love  you  from  the  core  of  my  heart  Happy  Birthday 내  남자  사랑해요 


Happy Birthday. God bless you forever. In your all proyect . You are the best all the time.

happy birthday khj  stay handsome and keep smiling I hope I have a chance to meet you in person or visit me in my dreams saranghaeyo my love khj god bless

Happy birthday to someone who I could not imagine life without. You are one of a kind, no one like you... Thank you so much for making many people happy with your existense... Fly high to the happiness and watch your dreams come true.

Happy birthday our ONLY ONE.

Natalie Henecia, from Georgia


Rosy, Argentina

LOVE ... You make this world a better place to live, I am happy to have met you.  I wish you have all the happiness you have dreamed of and have a long and healthy life.  Happy Birthday!

 we love you nd we look fard to it. 

Auckland  New /Zealand - 

Belated Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong! Wishing you all the best in life. May you continue to give joy and inspiration through your music. Thank you for everything you do. We will always be behind you no matter what. 

Happy birthday Kim Hyun Joong...much love from the USA

To Kim Hyun Joong: Happy Birthday. I wish you peace, love, happiness, and continued success. From Tammy Smith, Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States.

om : piumi  sakunthal sri lankan fan

Ouma-Morocco: happy Birthday to you our only Kim hyun joong

wish all the best for you angel

thank you for being with us we love you forever

I hope you have had a happy day, you are a person who made history in our lives, different countries, personalities and completely different ages and still a unique connection, just knowing that you exist, Angel with a beautiful smile, my dear life is Always make me happy ... Happy birthday   





Happy birthday Kim Hyun Joong...much love from the USA

To Kim Hyun Joong: Happy Birthday. I wish you peace, love, happiness, and continued success. From Tammy Smith, Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States.


Warm wishes on your Birthday,KHJ! Hope you will be happy and healthy during these tough times .Thank you for the beautiful music ,which you have given us till now!Wish you will rise to new heights in your career in future,dear Alien Rock star!     P.Shain,India


 생일 축하해. 감사합니다.  아르헨티나는 당신과 당신의 새로운 노래를 기다립니다.  우리는 너를 사랑해



Dear Hyun Joong

 내 생일, 지난 9 월은 내가 가진 것 중 최고였습니다. 나는 일본에서 당신과 쌍둥이 자리와 함께 보낼 수있는 가장 환상적인 기회를 받았습니다. 앞으로 언젠가 당신의 생일에 당신과 시간을 보내길 바랍니다.
최고의 소원
Dawn Bradman
영국에서 많은 사랑 


Happy Birthday, my Angel,We always love you and support you.

So,  fighting. I love you.( From, Aye Thandar (Myanmar))

Happy birthday dear Leader,

Hope you will be happy forever and smiling like this as you are now. 

May all your future endeavors  will be successful.

(From,  Ayesha (Sri Lanka))

Dear Leader Hyun Joong,

Whatever you do in your life , may it bring you happiness.

Happy birthday to you ♡

(From, Aurora (Myanmar))\

Happy birthday Kim Hyun Joong...much love from the USA

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