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Kim Hyun Joong : The Living Legend Of Kpop & Birthday Greetings from Fans Worlwide (Part 1)

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2020-06-06 13:01:06

It's Kim Hyun Joong birthday and many fans preparing to celebrate it. Some fan group have prepared a Led screen visual greetings for him  and fans  from HK prepared a subway Ad in Seoul.. and many other ways of celebrating his birthday today.  The highlight for today birthday article is the birthday greetings came from different parts of the world total of 41 countries with 121 birthday message for him. Thank you for entrusting to us your greetings!

I can never get over the fact that someone with a shy personality has found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He proved all his detractors wrong, because he is  surrounded by countless hearts in all parts of the World.

At  the very young age he dreamed to become  a musician, he was not deterred from pursuing his dreams.  From simple boy of Jamsil he went to Seoul and tried his luck.By his eagerness to succeed in music career he was able to be the leader of SS501. From being a leader by then he was at the center of all the praises and cheering fans.  After the announcement of the band going to their own solo career, Kim Hyun Joong created the Henecia family and immediately , debuted as solo career in “Breakdown” concert that time  I was there in the middle of the cheering fans. And witness how confident he is to perform. After then he made several world  tour and made his come back after his enlistment , he made his new album New Way , did several world tour  Japan Tour,  World Tour 2018 Haze, ,Biorthytm all were successfully concluded.

Kim Hyun Joong is truly a living legend of Kpop who's still making great music from then till now.

Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong form your family! We wish you all the best.

The following are the birthday messages we gathered from different fans all over the world. Thank you for entrusting us.

Kay – India **  - Happiest Birthday HyunJoong Your songs always make me happy and keeps me calm.  Wish you the same kind of happiness and calmness in your life.Wishing to see you got married soon !!!  Loads of love and blessings.

Maryanne Raine Kenny – Henecia Scotland -  Happy birthday HJ, Wishing you Health, Happiness and Success

Mish – Capetown South Africa - you’re what my father used to call a Keeper, a catch so amazing you would never even think to throw it back into water. I think I’ll keep you. Happy Birthday HJ 

Yuka – Angola Africa - Happy Birthday Hyun Joong May God always protect and guide you.


Catalina – Colombia  - I just want to say Happy birthday and thanks so much for doing art., for make me smile and be with me for fourteen years. I am so proud of you and wait for you in Colombia

Xilena Murillo  Lerma from Cali Colombia, my message to Kim Hyun Joong: congratulations and may God Almighty continue to bless you and may the desires of your heart be fulfilled


Adriana –  - Happy Birthday my  bright star

Angela Hope all your wishes and goals come true, remember we'll be there by your side in every single thing you do. All my love from Bolivia.Angela

Gilka Luz –-  Your birthday to me is not a  reminder of a year that is gone . It is the celebration that marks the birth of the most wonderful and beautiful person there is. God Bless you Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong

Henecia Chile -  Pamela  Barahona Vega Thanks for your music your voice and you heart.  Love from Chile.

HENECIA MEXICO: Silvia : light and blow each candle on your birthday cake not because it's what people do but to celebrate another special day of extraordinary life, Happy Birthday Hyun Joong!!!

Nydia Guillen Dear KHJ  your music has inspire the whole world and your songs are like  poems to the soul I am thankful for your talent. Keep doing it.

Pau Pau – 'Cause you've been my light in the darkest days, I hope the life always gives you the same happiness that you've given me... Happy Birthday, Unbreakable Man!

Veronica –I hope your special day will bring u lots of happiness, love and fun, happy birthday , be happy and take care. Happy Birthday from Latin America fanclub.

Sharon KHJ –  -  Happy Birthday Hyun Joong  With Love ~

Liz KHJ – - Happy Birthday May this very special day, God Bless you with great happiness and may all your dreams come true. Congratulations.

Jenny Carter – - I wish I could give just a little of all the joy you give me, to sing you at your birthday,like you do with us. You’re the most beautiful light in the universe. Keep shinning with your perfect smile always. We will meet again\

Leticia - Monterey Mexico - Your existence is the best gift for you and for us. I want to give God infinite thanks for  it and ask him to fill your life  with love, happiness and abundance. Happy birthday.

Elena Martos – mexico – Happy birthday, I wish with all my heart to spend a nice day with your family, For this Henecia u are number One. Greetings and blessings from Mexico. Be happy

Miriam SCG , It's awesome how technology makes it easier to connect with friends on the other side of the globe. I hope you have a great day, please keep shining!Because meeting you thought me the difference between being an instant and being ETERNAL

El Salvador Yani Serrano - Happy birthday Kim Hyun Joong, my best wishes in your special day . You will always have my complete affection and admiration .


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