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Lee Min Ho - On His 14th Year Since Debut

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2020-05-26 22:18:05

The korean actor  Lee Min Ho officially made his debut in 2006 with the role of Park Du Hyun in the TV SERIES "Secret Campus". But he rose to fame when he did the role of Gu Jun Pyo in TV series hit "Boys Over Flower in 2009. I still remember him during his early  years in Korea showbiz,I have seen him grow and mature, from Boys Over Flower to The King of Eternal Monarch.  He was then just  a boy next door   and now after years of acting , he is now a versatile actor he can do such role that is beyond my expectations, The Episode 11 of the The King of Eternal Monarch to  me was a proof enough that his acting ability have improved a lot.  He was able to catch  the roller coaster of emotions in one episode, there was tears of losing someone, look of love , look of anger and anguish, the bloody acts against the revenge. I must say that he did a justification on this role Lee Gon.  Through the years he was able to achieve fame and success for himself.  It is not always the number of awards that an actor can get to be called a great actor or the ratings his show can get  but the ability to catch the heart on his  acting and that was Lee Min Ho achieved on his 14 years.  He had his millions followers heart.


Lee Min Ho now not only a polished young actor man but a very astute artist of South Korea  mapping out his road to hallyu success. I see the humble person, a soft heart and warmth that many girls  will gravitate to like a moth attracted to the flame. Perhaps it is the essential goodness  of his heart lead him to fame.


More power and may your journey as an actor may continue for a long time to the road of success!  Happy 14th years of being an actor and more years to come!


written for korea.com - gikimtan <2020-06-26>






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