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Day6 in Portugal

  • Name : 지혜tysh
  • Date : 2020-02-05 06:10:02


Day6 came to Europe and one of their stops was Portugal.
Their international tour called 'Gravity' included 26 stops and Portugal and Madrid were the last ones.


Some friends had already saw them live and told us they were really good, so we were very excited for this.

->January 29th 2020, 19h

->By MyMusicTaste and JYP

-> At Sala Tejo (Altice Arena)


*Ga2 - 75€

*Ga1 - 90€

*VIP (W/ hitouch) - 150€

*VVIP (W/ hitouch + signed CD) - 200€


Image by MyMusicTaste

 We could see, as the concert started that the boys were a bit tired, the leader being the most notable. But as the event evolved Jae got all hyped up and the Portuguese public got along with it and the leader couldn't resist of getting along as well! 


They sang music tracks from their debut days until their newer songs, always with dedication​, having a lot of feedback. Between songs, YoungK asked us to be very careful with our health, also with friends and family. They even asked fans for the vip to disinfect their hands before the hitouch to prevent viruses to spread, with material they provided. 




Each member also had their mini solo, playing their own instrument, and we could see Wonpil and Dowoon were very shy and quiet. 

Between all the emotion of 'Shoot Me' and 'Congratulation' there was still space for little covers in english like Ed Sheeran 'Shape of You'.

Almost at the end they presented 'I like you' like a romantic declaration of love mixing Portuguese words in the lyrics. Not only that but they also showed us a video where they interected with each other, in an outdoors activity for the fans.


As the end aproached, they told us they will come back, so we should watch their new songs and keep supporting with lots of love.


The concert was recorded so we hope there's a DVD with all the memories from this tour.

Written by: Tysh 

Live photos by me.



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