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Follow GOT7 to their memorable places!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2019-12-02 14:08:12

Photo Source : GOT7's Hard Carry 2.5 capture


GOT7 signature reality program ‘GOT7 Hard Carry’ came to season 2.5. In Ep 1 and 2, GOT7 had a special chasing race and traveled several places in Seoul. If you are a ahgase, don’t miss these places to follow GOT7’s footprint!



1. Bus Stop Seongsudaegyonamdan Hyundai Apartment

First place that Yongjae went is a bus stop. Yongjae said he ran until the bus stop during trainee when he lost his weight. The bus stop is Seongsudaegyonamdan Hyundai Apartment (Bus stop number 23-164), towards Dduksum Park direction.



2. Seoul Express Bus Terminal

Second place is the Seoul Express Bus Terminal. Youngjae who was born in Mokpo needed to travel between Seoul and Mokpo for audition.

How to go? Line 3,7,9 Seoul Express Bus Terminal Station.



3. Kimbap Heaven Café

Third place is the Kimbap Heaven Café at Cheongdam. The old JYP building is not far from the restaurant. Youngjae said when he was still a trainee, they came here a lot.


Kimbap Heaven Café Cheongdam

How to go? Bundang line Apgujeong Rotteo Station, Exit No. 2, then walk for around 10 mins.



4. Olympic Park

Forth place is the Olympic Park. GOT7 had their first solo concert ‘Fly in Seoul’ here and then kicked off their first world tour the ‘Fly Tour’ back in 2016.


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