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Group A.C.E comeback with 3rd mini album ‘Under Cover: The Mad Squad’

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  • Date : 2019-10-29 22:28:10

Photo Source : JG Entertainment


Boy group A.C.E (Donghun, Jun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan and Chan) return with 3rd mini album ‘Under Cover: The Mad Squad’. The group held a comeback showcase at Yes24 Live Hall at Seoul.


‘Under Cover: The Mad Squad’ contains a total number of 6 songs, including title song ‘Savage’ which describes the story of righteous freaks. In the pre-released concept photos, members are seen dressed in street looks which show their own personalities.


During showcase, Leader Jun said that they would like to show the concept of righteous freak. He added that Byeongkwan is the most suitable member for the concept. 


A.C.E performed their title song ‘Savage’. Members are asked for their feelings after the stage, leader Jun said he was so nervous before the performance as he wanted to show everyone the stage. Member Byeongkwan said it was a big burden as they wanted to show better performance to fans and the public.


Member Chan said this time they invited some famous overseas choreographers to create the choreography. As they created so many good points, they have struggle a lot in adding which points to the choreography.


This time A.C.E has joined writing lyrics in one of the song ‘Holiday’. Member said they write the lyrics on a small island in Jeju Island with beautiful scenery, so the lyrics is full of happiness.


A.C.E has focused on overseas activities, when asking about how is the response in overseas, Jun said though they use different language, they can still communicate with true heart and fan will know their true heart.


Meanwhile, A.C.E 3rd mini album ‘Under Cover: The Mad Squad’ is now released on online music sites. Check out their MV of ‘Savage’ below! 


Video Source: official A.C.E
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