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Kim Hyun Joong - New Way Concert , Music and Charity Deeds

 I have always admired and envied people with golden hearts. It is the virtue of loving and caring for others, or what we call human care ,charity    Although there are some people who are doing this kind of charitable acts in false piety. Some are choosing charities for show only. In the point of view of  Kim Hyun Joong, He gives his time and money for charitable to give thanks for his fortune that he is receiving.  Unlike most celebrities and politicians, Kim Hyun Joong quietly helps organizations who help the less fortunate in society. He does not tell the media to cover his charitable acts, although the media are just as eager to record these events for posterity.



It certainly would be good copy for a successful idol to be donating money to the poor. In Korea, when one becomes successful in any field, one is expected to return something to society through charitable works. You can only be great person if you are a giving man. Taking this to heart, Kim Hyun Joong, has shown compassion for those less fortunate than him.



There’s also one thing that admire me most with Kim Hyun Joong is that his charity acts seem inherited by his loving fans, have been witnessing his previous concerts for 10 years now and all these Rice donations were all visible in front of his concert venue.  I did not recall a concert of him without the display of these tons of rice wreaths symbolizing donations from his fans around the world to the less fortunate Korean people.



It was a heart catching to see his charitable act inherited by his fans. This kind of publicity of his good work and his fans does not put in question his sincerity or his goodness as human being. 


To mentioned one and old charity act  he did without majority knowing was He has helped children in Africa .  This news did not come out until just one day a social media posts from one of the victim came out and thanking Kim Hyun Joong for this charitable act.  This is what I called a pure act of piety.



As a result of his charitable works his has attained to be called Hallyu Star of South Korea. Of course, I wouldn’t argue that he deserves his good karma. But I believe that he does all these good works not to earn good karma or to be rewarded but Instead, I think of him as a truly good and compassionate person. His current success is the result of hard work and talent.  In other words, his golden heart has nothing to do with his being an artist.



The combination of all his physical beauty and goodness of his heart explain why his fans never leave him from the beginning up to this time. Most of them aged I know some  of his fans wayback 10 years ago,  from Thailand, Singapore , Malaysia, Brazil, Egypt , Mexico, Japan, USA. And it was amazing that I have witnessed this wonderful fandom. His music and his goodness of the heart combined to one.



 At the end of the day what matters is not so much the outer packaging of Kim Hyun Joong but the inner beauty that can’t be hidden. The basic goodness of his heart gives him a special one of a kind glow.




cr photo to chinese weibo and dreamcokr


written for korea.coms - gikimtan



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